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04. November 2018
I've already been a few times in Magadino, near Gambarogno. This morning it was really nice because there was fog and the light was fantastic. I could capture this beautiful shot with the swans.

22. September 2018
This weekend I went hiking with my wife from the Lago Tremorgio to the Campo Tencia's hut. Almost eight hours of hiking. A few beautiful spots to take pictures: alpine lakes, peaks and a beautiful view of the mount Adula during the sunrise. And we enjoyed the evening in the hut.

02. September 2018
Once again in this wonderful canyon. I like the colors of the rocks and the contrast with the trees. Geologically this location is very important. A great place to visit.

19. August 2018
I shot the image "In evidenza" at the LAC in Lugano. With this image I participated at the contest "Istantanee di gusto".

25. March 2018
This is my favourite spot in Ticino. Along the river Verzasca you can find plenty of beautiful locations. I regularly visit the valley and always it's a little bit different. The water, which has been shaping the rocks for many and many years, and the light are variables that affect the composition of the images in a way that every visit is a surprise. In order to avoid the crowd of turists is essential to visit the valley in the early morning and in the evening. Fantastic!

03. February 2018
A short walk in Aurigeno, Valle Maggia. A beautiful waterfall and nice romanic bridge. I will go back to this location in spring.

23. December 2017
A fantastic sunset in Lugano. View of the Monte Salvatore from Castagnola.

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