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Sony a1

+ compact and light

+ all-round camera (photo, video, sport, wildlife, landscape), you need only one!

+ very fast autofocus (30 shots per second)

+ AF eye tracking and sport tracking

+ many, many customization possibilities

+ improved menus

+ video capabilities

+ sensor resolution

+ low light capabilities (excellent ISO performance)

+ high dynamic range 

+ buttons are excellent

+ no black out (EVF)

+ very low rolling shutter

+ excellent EVF, high resolution

+ fast buffer

- LCD screen

- touchscreen to set AF point while using the EVF is bad (Sony a7r III is much better)

Sony a7r III

+ converted in a street photography camera (together with Samyang 35 F2.8), old model but still very good

+ compact and light

+ good autofocus

+ many customization possibilities

+ sensor resolution

+ low light capabilities (excellent ISO performance)

+ high dynamic range 

- small buttons (with gloves ...)

- long buffer clearing time

Sony FE 24-70 f/2.8 GMII

+ very sharp

+ all-round lens

+ very fast AF

+ light and compact

- none

Sony FE 16-35 f/2.8 GM

+ very sharp, great image quality also in the edges

+ solid, well built

+ great focal range, very versatile

+ max aperture of f/2.8

+ not too big

+ filters can be mounted

- You need 150 mm filter in order to avoid vignetting

Sony FE 14 f/1.8 GM

+ very sharp, great image quality (starting from f/1.8)

+ compact and light

+ aperture ring (smooth)

+ de-click modus for video

+ fast aperture of f/1.8

+ rear filter

+ low distortion

+ perfect lens for architecture and landscape

- expensive

Sony FE 70-200 f/2.8 GMII

+ The Best Lens

+ sharp, great image quality

+ solid, well built

+ compact and light

+ great VR

+ beautiful bokeh

+ very good with teleconverter 1.4x

- expensive


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