Lai Palpuogna
08. November 2020
This morning I woke up very early and went to the Albula valley. The sunset was not so colorful, but the light was good enough to shot a few nice images. This is the image I like most because of the roots on the ground and the color balance.

07. November 2020
In the wood of Cunter I followed a squirrel and captured this nice image. Sharp eye, nice smooth background, unusual behaviour of the squirrel, that's it!

Bolle di Magadino
01. November 2020
In the middle of the second wave of pandemic I visited once again the Bolle di Magadino. This morning I experienced an incredible sunset, with a burning sky. I've never seen such a sky. Unforgettable!

Autumn in Graubünden
23. October 2020
This is the weekend I waited for so long. Autumn in Engadin is a wonderful experience. I was very lucky because I chose the perfect weekend: best timing for the autumn colors, the fog and the snow on the peaks. The best conditions that a photographer can expect!

First snowfall of the year
11. October 2020
First snowfall of the year! It's a very unusual situation at the beginning of October. Nice, because in winter the lake is usually frozen and covered with snow. The weather was not so good, the only way to obtain a nice and interesting shot was to try with a long exposure in order to have a smooth effect of the water.

Flood in Locarno
04. October 2020
After long raining days the increasing water level of the Lago Maggiore flooded the roads and the parks.

Architecture in Lugano
27. September 2020
A short walk in Lugano to visit a few spots in the city with a lot of potential. This shot is the one I prefer, with the light drawing a very interesting pattern on the ground of this parking.

05. September 2020
A long hike to the Pizzo Cavagnöö (2836 m). The light was not great but I could shot a few nice images during the long hike. This one is one of my favorite. I especially like the San Giacomo pass with the swamp and streams of the water. The only problems are the high voltage cables because they are everywhere. I had to work very hard in Photoshop.

14. August 2020
Because of the Coranavirus this year we spend our holidays in Switzerland, mainly in the region of Surses. Hiking, running and mountain bike were the main activities. And photography? Of course! Lai Palpuogna, Alp Flix, Lai Tigiel and Pass digls Orgels. The Lai Tigiel with the Corn da Tinizong is a nice location but this year I was surrounded by cows that didn't like to see me using the tripod and the camera. I continued my walk to the Pass digls Orgels and let them grazing around the lake.

03. August 2020
With my family I spent a few days in Basel. We walked around the city, enjoy the atmosphere and the restaurants in the Clara's district. Architecture is great in Basel, it's the best location in Switzerland to enjoy the work created by some of the most famous architects in the World.

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