05. September 2020
A long hike to the Pizzo Cavagnöö (2836 m). The light was not great but I could shot a few nice images during the long hike. This one is one of my favorite. I especially like the San Giacomo pass with the swamp and streams of the water. The only problems are the high voltage cables because they are everywhere. I had to work very hard in Photoshop.

14. August 2020
Because of the Coranavirus this year we spend our holidays in Switzerland, mainly in the region of Surses. Hiking, running and mountain bike were the main activities. And photography? Of course! Lai Palpuogna, Alp Flix, Lai Tigiel and Pass digls Orgels. The Lai Tigiel with the Corn da Tinizong is a nice location but this year I was surrounded by cows that didn't like to see me using the tripod and the camera. I continued my walk to the Pass digls Orgels and let them grazing around the lake.

03. August 2020
With my family I spent a few days in Basel. We walked around the city, enjoy the atmosphere and the restaurants in the Clara's district. Architecture is great in Basel, it's the best location in Switzerland to enjoy the work created by some of the most famous architects in the World.

26. July 2020
Hiking to Intragna to visit the old roman bridge. The village itself is small but has a train station. The train strarts from Locarno and arrives in Domodossola (Italy). It's said to be one of most beautiful rail road in Europe, especially in autumn. The roman bridge in Intragna is impressive because it's very high and narrow.

19. July 2020
The Neowise comet was amazing and I was lucky to be the first photographer of the Foto Club Lugano to capture a picture of the comet. And I was even more lucky because I took that picture from my terrace in Lugano. I couldn't believe that the comet was also visible from the city of Lugano with all the light pollution. Great evening!

18. July 2020
Together with other members of the Foto Club Lugano we went to the Nufenen pass (passo della Novena). From the parking lot we went to Corno Gries hut and from there to the Corno glacier and the Gries glacier. Gabriele Corti showed us how quick the two glaciers have retreated in the last 30 years. And the Corno glacier almost disappeared. Gabriele has a very interesting archive of photos, each of them shot from the same location years later.

25. June 2020
I started late in afternoon. I wanted to be there on the Albula pass at sunset. I wanted the perfect light and clouds! And it was the case because I the clouds were amazing and I was very satisfied with the results. This location is fantastic and it's only 30 minutes away from the road.

24. June 2020
I visited with my family Zürich. I had time to photograph certain buildings from outside but due to the Coronavirus I could not get inside a few interesting buildings, such as the university and the law library. Next time.

20. June 2020
On Saturday we had a workshop with Milo Carpi: bird watching and photographing. The light was not good but we had a few opportunities to capture flying birds. Milo carpi gave us a few tips and explained us that we have study the birds in order to understand how they behave. Next important point: you need to have long and expensive telephoto lenses if you want to capture great images. I have "only" a 400 mm with a 1.4x teleconverter and I'm not satisfied with its sharpness and maximal aperture.

13. June 2020
The hike from Brè to Monte Boglia is nice and not so long. That day the clouds were very dark and I was worried about the upcoming rain, wind and lightning. Luckily I could get home safely and I took a few beautiful shots of the colorful lake and the changing weather and sun rays.

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