22. July 2019
On Sunday, coming back from Savognin, I remarked a field of sunflowers. The day after, in the evening, I visited the location and I captured a few beautiful images. The light was great with a touch of blue and magenta because the sun was already gone behind the mountains. Sunflowers everywhere, fantastic!

07. July 2019
I spend with the Foto Club Lugano a weekend in the hut "capanna Basodino". We had a great time and it was very amusing. We captured images of foxes, ibex and marmots. The beautiful peaks surrounding the Basodino's glacier are gorgeous. The weather was changing every minute, fog, rain, sun and still a lot of snow laying on the ground: the perfect weather conditions for photographers.

06. June 2019
This is a beautiful lake near Trin and Flims. The color of the water and little island are unique. In summer this lake attracts many swimmers and tourists, so the grey weather is a good starting point to plan a trip to this beautiful location. Il like this image, in my opinion is well composed, the colors are well balanced and it has a dramatic touch.

05. June 2019
Hiking in the region of the Maloja: lagh da Cavloc and lagh da Bitabergh. During my way back to the car I was surprised by a rain storm with lightning and heavy rain. Nevertheless I could shot a few nice images.

04. June 2019
I spent four days in Basel. Basel is the city of architecture in Switzerland. The main spots are Messebasel, the museums in the city and the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. The Vitra Campus is fantastic and a must for all lovers of architecture and design. I also had the opportunity to take a few of beautiful pictures of poppies near the Foundation Beyeler in Riehen.

12. May 2019
I was sitting on the couch and suddenly the weather changed. I picked up my photo bag and drove for one hour to Lavertezzo, Val Verzasca. After a rainfall there are usually a lot of puddles in the rocks. They give you lots of opportunities to take beautiful shots. During the sunset the sky became a little bit colored so that I could combine the puddles with a bit color in the background. This is the result.

19. April 2019
Val d'Orcia is one of the most popular locations in Italy and definitely one of my favorite spot for photography. The beautiful hills and the cypresses are great subjects. I was also very lucky with the weather: sun, mist, rain, clouds, sunrise and sunset. I spent four days in Castiglione d'Orcia and enjoyed every minute of my stay. The accommodation, the food and the wine were excellent.

23. March 2019
Caumasee is a beautiful lake in Flims. The shapes and lines created by the melting snow around the lake offered interesting subjects. I was able to take a few nice shots.

09. March 2019
It was the second time I was here last winter. There was a little too much harsh light, not the best conditions to take pictures. Nevertheless I enjoyed this hike with snowshoes on the Alp Flix.

05. March 2019
From the Julier pass I walked with the snowshoes to shoot a few images of this beautiful peak. I had to be careful because of the risk of avalanches. In order to reduce the risk I decided to follow the path of the other hikers and got back to my car sooner than I has planned. Next time!

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