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22. December 2018
In Surava you don't see the sun for the whole winter and it's really cold. In the early morning the photo opportunities are immense. It was all frozen and the light was changing all the time because of the fog. In the summer the area is a golf course.

08. December 2018
A short hike on the Julier pass to enjoy the sunset and the fresh snow. Equipped with headlamp, snowshoes and camera I could capture a few nice shots in this beautiful and quiet environment.

26. May 2018
On the road to Savognin I made a break on the San Bernardino Pass. The melting ice on the lake's surface is a very nice subject to photograph. From the pass the view on the village of San Bernardino and the valley is fantastic.

21. January 2018
A short walk with snowshoes after a heavy snowfall. Too much because there was a very high risk of avalanches. Neverthless it was fantastic and I could capture a few beautiful images. At home I decided to edit them following a minimalist approach.

The art of photography.

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