Sony Mirrorless

Reasons to switch from Dsrl to Mirrorless

  • More compact and light (approximately -30%)
  • EVF is great
  • AF speed and accuracy is fantastic

Reasons to switch from Nikon to Sony

  • Nikon's sensors are built by Sony, Sony is becoming the leading company in the Mirrorless market
  • Choice of native lenses for the e-mount (no adapter!)
  • Third party's choice of e-mount lenses is growing fast
  • Nikon's z-mount requires an adapter for f-mount lenses and if you use f-mount lenses the weight of the gear remains unchanged when compared to Dsrl
  • Third party manufacturers need time to offer z-mount lenses (reverse engineering)
  • If you don't want to use the adapter the choice of native f-mount lenses is too small
  • The prices of the z-mount lenses with an aperture of f4 are high
  • Sooner or later you need to change all the lenses (from f-mount to z-mount), the adapter is only a transitional solution